Academy: Mobile Premier League Launches Poker Academy

With over 3 million users in India, e-sports platform Mobile Premier Federation has announced the launch of MPL Poker Academy In partnership with the game’s professional players. As part of the Academy, MPL The company will curate content for all types of gamers at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels, the company said in a statement.
“Worldwide, there are over 100 million people playing poker, and over 3 million active players in India. We aim to reach everyone who plays poker and anyone who wants to embark on the journey to learn and improve their techniques, and enhance their strategy and thinking,” MPL Country Head for Bharat Namrata Swamy said in a statement.
“We strongly believe that with MPL Poker Academy And with its myriad learning tools and features, we can create a conducive environment where people can learn from experts and connect with other like-minded players. Through this initiative, we aim to clear any misconceptions people may have about the game,” Swamy said.

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