Amazon: Amazon Android app users can no longer buy Kindle e-books

If you have a habit of buying kindle e-book use of heroine app on Android Then there is bad news for you. Amazon users on Android will no longer be able to buy Kindle e-books from the app.
According to an online report by ArsTechnia, users who want to buy an e-book using the Amazon app on Android are now directed to a new screen that reads, “Why can’t I buy on the app? ”
After this this new change has come Google Started rolling out its new policy where app developers will have to use the Play Store billing system instead. This also means that app developers will no longer be able to avoid the 30 percent tax on subscription purchases sold through the app. For those unaware, iOS users also can’t buy Kindle e-books through the Amazon app.
If iOS users would click the Kindle option for a book, the Amazon app only shows options to download a sample and not buy one. To buy the e-book, users will have to visit the Amazon website. From now on Android users will also have to follow the same procedure to buy e-books.
Google’s New Play Store Policy
Google’s new policy regarding billing system will come into effect from June 1, 2022. If an app developer fails to comply with the new policy, their app will be removed by the tech giant. google play store,
Many app developers around the world have used an alternative in-app billing system or directed users to an external link for payment in order to circumvent Google’s billing policy, which includes 15 in-app purchases. There is a huge cut of -30 percent.

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