Android: Google seems to disagree with Xiaomi’s idea of ​​APK files on Android, here’s how

Google Not a big fan of apk files. The company doesn’t ban APK files though. Android As the device is an open source based system, it always advises users to download apps only from trusted sources, which is Google Play Store. In fact, it’s Android and . there is a big difference between Appleof the iOS operating system — the ability to install third-party applications from outside the Google Play Store.
and now it seems Xiaomi Wants to finish extracting apk on android phone. According to a report by 9to5Google, quoting Asperdev’s Mishaal Rahman, a Xiaomi developer submitted a proposal to the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) that would prevent Android device owners from copying APK files from their phones. For the reason, it is — to protect “private resources”.
Here’s how the proposal reads:
* Do not allow shell to receive data apk
* The APK may contain some private resources, so we should not allow others to pull it.
Xiaomi developer suggests that apps should be available to download only from Google Play Store or any other trusted app store.
Why Google disagrees
However, Google reportedly appears to be directly opposed to the proposal. The reason given is that developers may not consider APK files secret. “Can an APK ever be considered private? I don’t think it should be expected that the contents of an APK will remain secret. I’m not sure why we would want that, and even if we would, really It is so by no means can we assure this even with this change,” is the stand of Google.
what is apk file
For those who are not sure what the above thing is all about, here is what an apk file is. APK stands for Android Package / Android Package Kit or Android Application Package. It is a file format that the Android system uses to distribute and install apps. This includes all the elements that an app needs to be installed correctly on the device. Sideloading APK allows users to install apps that are not on the Google Play Store, it also gives access to apps before they are released to everyone. But yes, it is not advisable to install APK unless absolutely necessary and it comes with its share of risks.

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