Apple: Apple begins rolling out release candidate version of iOS 15.5: Here’s everything you need to know

A few days after releasing the fourth beta update of iOS 15.5, Apple has started rolling out the release candidate version of iOS 15.5 for testing purposes. For those who don’t know, the Release Candidate or RC version is the final build of the iOS update in beta stages. In simple words, this is the last build before a major public release. Until iOS 14.2, Apple used the term Golden Master or GM for the final beta build, but with iOS 14.2 that changed to a release candidate.
The latest update is available to all developers and public testers via an over-the-air update in the iPhone’s Settings app. If you’re enrolled in the beta program, you can check if you’ve received the update by going to Settings > General > Software Update. If you have got the update then you can install it on your phone from the same page. Keep in mind that the update doesn’t appear for download immediately for every user.
Although the upcoming iOS update will only include minor changes and features apart from performance and security improvements, the update will reintroduce one. Apple Music The feature that the company removed with iOS 15.4. As revealed by Joe Kun, Apple software engineer on the Apple Music team, the tech giant will again add a popular Apple Music API that allowed users to change the playback speed of songs within the app. The API is also used by many third-party music players.
Apart from this, Apple iPhones may get a new app with the upcoming iOS update. According to a report from MacRumors, references to a new “Apple Classical” app were discovered in the first beta version of iOS 15.5. As per the report, the company has the app in development and will complement the existing Apple Music app.

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