Apple: Apple is reportedly in talks with Hollywood directors to create AR/VR content for its upcoming mixed reality headset

Apple All set for this year’s WWDC. We may not get the much-anticipated headset, but it’s going to be Apple’s next big thing and certainly has a big part in the keynote. While we expect Apple to give us a first look at the software driving its upcoming headset, the Cupertino giant has started working on a content library for its much-loved mixed reality headset. It is being told that Apple is working with something big. Hollywood name for creating material for headsets, and one of them is Jon Favreau,
Jon Favreau’s Prehistoric Planet for ‘Maybe One of the First Series’ apple headset
The New York Times reports that Apple is working with Hollywood directors to create video content for its upcoming mixed reality headset, reportedly to be known as the Apple Headset. Reportedly, the Cupertino Giant Has Participated iron man Director Jon Favreau, who also directed Mandalorian, for an upcoming series for the headset based on the prehistoric planet, an Apple TV+ limited series, with Favreau as an executive producer. No word on who else we can expect with Apple on board, but Favreau could appear in 2023 with his dinosaur in your Apple headset.
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No headset this year; Bus tool to enable app development for the headset
The publication further reports that Apple will be demonstrating devices that enable the development of new apps for its upcoming headsets, and that the actual headset may not arrive any time before 2023. The development tools will let app developers add camera and app functionality to their apps. , enabling hands-free control before headsets hit the market. According to NYT sources, Apple is having trouble with the battery life and performance of the headset. The report further noted that some of the employees involved in the development of the headset left the company over the impacts on personal human relationships in the future.
The headset resembles Ski-Googles and has a . horsepower of Mac
We haven’t seen the headset, but according to sources the headset looks like a pair of ski goggles. The headset is said to offer augmented reality and virtual reality experiences. And according to previous leaks, it could be as powerful as a Mac.

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