Apple: Apple may launch new AirPods Pro this year, Type-C port not expected

it’s been more than two years Apple launched its flagship true wireless earbuds – AirPods Pro. rumors about a new airpods pro Has been gaining momentum for some time. Noted Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo suggests that the new AirPods Pro will launch sometime in the second half of this year. In a series of tweets, Kuo has revealed some details about the new AirPods Pro.
For some time now, it has been suggested that Apple will switch to Type-C for some products, including the AirPods Pro. However, Kuo says that a switch to the Type-C port is unlikely with the new AirPods Pro. “I predict the charging case of airpods pro 2 Will still support Lightning, not USB-C,” Kuo tweeted.
The analyst also said that the AirPods Pro 2 will enter mass production in Vietnam in the second half of 2022. According to Kuo, this will be one of the first successful cases of mass production of Apple’s flagship products outside China. Kuo says the change in production of the AirPods Pro 2 can be attributed to the “relatively complex supply chain and improved production environment (such as infrastructure and workforce) of Vietnam versus most countries outside China.”
A Wall Street Journal report says that Apple wants to move mass production outside China to countries like Vietnam and India. According to Kuo, it will be very challenging to replicate the successful experience of AirPods Pro 2 in other products or countries in the short term. A lot of AirPods assemblers are Chinese companies and according to Kuo, it will be easier for them to set up facilities in Vietnam instead of India. “It could also mitigate potential geopolitical risks,” Kuo said in a series of tweets.

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