Apple: AR, VR: The big difference and why Apple might be betting big on it

The event is expected to bring major software upgrades to Apple’s platform.

For the past few weeks, there has been panic among the rumor mongers. Apple Announcement to do something big around ‘mixed reality’. It has been suggested that at WWDC 2022, Apple may unveil a new OS based on AR and VR – augmented reality And virtual reality, Rumors are also circulating about a headset from Apple. While this is all speculation, what is true is that Apple — and other big tech companies like GoogleMeta, Amazon, and Microsoft – Making a big play for AR as well as VR. We tell you the big differences and why Apple is betting big on it:
What is Augmented Reality?
As the word suggests, Augmented Reality is all about adding digital goods to the real world. What happens in AR is that the real world remains at the center of it but what it does is that it enhances the experience with digital layers. Take the case of Pokémon Go, where AR fueled the craze for the game. Or Apple’s Measure app. It relies heavily on AR and still uses elements of the real world to deliver results. AR is being used by Apple, Google, Microsoft and others to enhance the experience across apps and other services. Smart glasses are another good example of having AR at the center of a gadget.
What is Virtual Reality?
VR or Virtual Reality has been a part of the conversation for some time now. It has made inroads but is still not a mainstream part of the technology. VR is more immersive and relies on other gadgets like headsets or displays. You become part of a virtual world or experience that is completely different from the real world. It is a computer generated world and you can experience it with the help of other tools.
What is the big difference between the two?
The names may be confusing but VR and AR are completely different. Virtual reality is all about letting you experience another world, a virtual world. Augmented Reality, on the other hand, is about enhancing the experiences of the real world as it adds to the reality.
What is Apple’s big bet on AR and VR?
Apple CEO Tim Cook Talked about AR and VR in September 2016. In an interview, Cook said, “There’s virtual reality and there’s augmented reality — both of which are incredibly interesting. But I have my own view that augmented reality is the bigger of the two, probably by far.” And Apple is slowly integrating AR — it may not be in-your-face technology — and the impact is being seen. Take the case of Live Text – a cool feature on the iPhone – which allows you to use the camera and AI to get information from the real world. This is an AR feature that is quite popular now.
ARKit, which is Apple’s AR platform, was launched in 2017 to enable developers to build iPhones and iPads.
At WWDC 2022, Apple didn’t launch an AR/VR headset and didn’t elaborate on any technology. But in the world of AR – there were enough glimpses. The Home app has been redesigned and has a lot of AR effects. Live text will get video support and will once again rely on AR to deliver accurate results.

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