Apple: How Apple is slowly turning iPadOS into a full-blown ‘desktop’ operating system

Apple has finally opened up the details about the upcoming iPad operating system – iPadOS 16 at its WWDC 2022 event tomorrow (June 6th). The next generation iPadOS brings many new features and changes compared to its predecessors. However, like each new iPadOS version, the feature list is shared with its iOS and macOS counterparts.

Apple Finally the details about the upcoming iPad operating system have opened – iPadOS 16 Tomorrow (6 June) at his WWDC 2022 event. Next Generation iPadOS Brings many new features and changes as compared to its predecessors. However, as with each new iPadOS version, the feature list is updated with its iOS and . is shared with Mac OS equivalent.
This hasn’t changed with iPadOS 16. Of course, it has got a redesigned notification panel, updated Home app, iCloud Library sharing feature and a Weather app are finally coming to the iPad. However the calculator is still missing.
But, the company has also added some new features to the operating system from macOS. Despite the fact that some features are limited to only M1-powered iPads, they’re certainly making ipad A worthy alternative to a Mac or other laptop.
Stage Manager brings desktop-class multitasking to iPads
iPadOS has always been good at multitasking. The operating system has always provided many features like dual app screen, seamless navigation between apps and much more. The Stage Manager feature introduced with macOS is also coming to iPadOS.
Stage Manager is a brand new multitasking feature that automatically organizes apps and windows to make it easier to switch between apps and tasks, according to the company. As demonstrated at the WWDC event, the feature will automatically create a small thumbnail for apps or tasks on the left side of the screen and users can simply tap on them to open or switch from one app to another.
overlapping windows
While this is a part of the Stage Manager feature, it is important to highlight that one of the main features of desktop-class operating systems is the ability to simultaneously open multiple overlapping windows, resize them, and drag and drop them to different locations. Well, iPadOS can do that now and there’s another important step in making it look like a desktop-class operating system.
full external display support
iPadOS now supports full external display support as well. This will allow users to expand the screen estate by using larger monitors. Which can come in handy when using the iPad for editing or heavy work.
desktop-class apps
Apple also announced desktop-class app support for the iPad. Desktop-class apps bring new capabilities and functionality that are available on the Mac, including a consistent undo and redo experience across the system. It also includes a redesigned search-and-replace, customizable toolbar, and the ability to change file extensions.
Well, these are just the features that Apple added from macOS to iPadOS 16. In addition, there are a few other features that were originally designed for the operating system that make iPads a more versatile device.

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