Apple unveils new tools and techniques for developers to build better apps

In WWDC 2022, AppleAt the 2015 developer conference, the tech giant unveiled new tools, technologies and APIs designed to help developers create better experiences for their users.
Apple developers have more APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) than ever before to create app experiences that their users will appreciate. With iOS 16 enabling widgets on the iPhone lock screen, developers can now share the same code between their widgets and complications on the lock screen. apple watchWhich are based on the same new WidgetKit API.
Developers can now give users the ability to grab text directly from photos and videos found in their apps, or via the Live Camera feed. Live text is processed on-device for greater user privacy and performance.
New collaboration features built into Messages are available for third-party apps. Developers can also highlight content that users have shared from their app in Messages in a new Shared section of their app, making it easier for recipients to return to that content later.
Third-party apps can include an immersive 3D city experience and look around for an immersive user experience. The new Apple Maps Server APIs offer faster and easier Maps integration.
Developers can also adjust the content of their apps based on the current focus of the user. Game developers can benefit from a new Fast Resource Loading API that reduces wait times by providing a more direct path from storage to the GPU, so games can easily access high-quality textures and geometry that delivers realistic and immersive gameplay. needed to create a wider world.
Swift is Apple’s programming language for all of its operating systems. Now, it adds a powerful string processing capability with new regular expression literal support directly built into the language, allowing developers to quickly check the correctness of their regular expressions and extract information with less code. With the new package plugins available in Swift Package Manager, it is now easier for developers to run custom commands on their projects and even upload and share commands with others.
SwiftUI, Apple’s user interface framework, features an advanced navigation API that makes it easier for developers to control how their app moves from view to view. with custom layoutDevelopers can go beyond the typical app layout and create versions that work best for their app design.

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