Apple Watch Ultra: First impressions

Smartwatches for serious athletes have been few and far between. This is a category waiting to be shaken up. Apple It plans to do the same with its latest Watch Ultra. Rumors about ‘rugged’ apple watch Was laid to rest at the Far Out event in Cupertino in September. Apple ultra view Arrived and that too in some way. It looks different and has different features, yet it retains the soul of the Apple Watch. We’ve got the Apple Watch Ultra on our wrist and here are our initial impressions about it:

What it looks like, fits and more

It’s a big, big watch yet surprisingly comfortable to wear. It might look huge in the images you see but once you get hold of it, it doesn’t feel too heavy. In fact, put it next to the recently launched Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, the Watch Ultra looks a bit smaller. The sheer size means that some – not to the stereotype here but most women – may find it too chunky for their liking. Does it look bumpy, like some Garmin watches say? Not really, but it’s going to look surprisingly good. And at just over 60 grams, it doesn’t feel too heavy on the wrist. Of course, the ‘regular’ watch models feel very light but you can easily wear the Watch Ultra for hours and not feel the heaviness.

The Watch Ultra bands are also specially designed for this. At 49mm, this is the biggest watch Apple has made but the good thing is that the older 44mm and 45mm watch bands fit in quite neatly. The Orange Alpine Loop Band and Yellow Ocean Band we tried are really cool. Apple’s focus is unmatched when it comes to bands. We also tried the 45mm Sport Loop band on the Watch Ultra. It looks a little small but not too weird.

Exceptional features, how it performs

To be fair, we haven’t actually tested the Watch Ultra, but the little time we spent there gives us an idea. The Watch Ultra is meant to do more and is for those who want more out of their smartwatch. You get a bigger battery – Apple claims it can last up to 36 hours – on the Apple Watch Ultra. We didn’t have to charge the Apple Watch Ultra for two days straight and even then, it had some battery left. However this was just ‘regular’ use and not hardcore outdoor activities. We will do so for our detailed review.

There’s a lot to like in the Apple Watch Ultra. The larger display is a sight for an aching eye as everything looks better, reads better and feels better on the Apple Watch Ultra. The all-new Action Button is an excellent addition to the Apple Watch. So much so that you wonder why Apple didn’t include it in vanilla smartwatches earlier. You can assign certain tasks – workout, turn on the flashlight, and backtrack among others. The workout was what we went for and it’s really convenient to do it with just a click of a button. Long press the action button and you can activate the siren. If you are stuck in a remote place then this can come in handy for you. The siren is quite loud and works really well but let’s just hope people don’t have to use it too often.
There are a lot of cool and useful features added to the Apple Watch Ultra which not many people may use but certainly add immense value to the smartwatch. The Compass app has a backtrack and waypoint, which got a makeover. These features are for when you are hiking outside. There’s a brand new Depth app that a lot of swimmers and divers will find extremely useful.

what we think

The Apple Watch Ultra has impressed us in a very short time. It may seem like a very specific audience will be attracted to it but at its heart, it is an Apple Watch, which means it will be loved by all. The price tag – Rs 89,990 – might keep a lot of buyers away and we will let you know in our detailed review whether it is worth the money or not.

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