Apple: watchOS 9: Top 5 features Apple Watch users can look forward to

WWDC — Apple’s annual developer conference — just ended a few days ago. Apple It showcased new features that are expected to debut for its devices later this year. iOS 16, iPadOS 16, macOS Ventura, and watchOS 9 The new features will come along and we got a glimpse of what to expect. Here we take a look at five features that apple watch Users can see further watchOS 9:

new watch faces

Apple will introduce four new watch faces with watchOS 9. These include Astronomy, Lunar, Playtime and Metropolitan. The face of astronomy has been redrawn and includes an accurate star field, cloud coverage that is updated hourly using weather data, and even the ability to locate the Sun behind Earth. also includes. Playtime is a face-lift designed by Joey Fulton, a Chicago-based 2D and 3D artist known for his bright, punchy colors and simple, friendly characters. This new watch face has whimsical animated numbers.
In addition, older watch faces will now support richer complications, and there is a new background color editor. Users can now add dogs and cats to the faces of the portraits.

Workout features coming to Apple Watch

The Workout app now includes more metrics and new ways to visualize them with workout views, as well as a new custom workout like Heart Rate Zones to help improve training experience and performance. A new multisport workout mode can automatically switch between swimming, biking, and running for triathletes. There are also customizable alerts, the ability to race past routes, and a redesigned workout summary.

Manage Medications on Apple Watch

One of the highlights of watchOS 9 is the all-new Medication app. The Medicines app on Apple Watch makes it easy for you to track your medicines easily and conveniently. In the Health app, users can manage their medication lists, create schedules and reminders, and learn more about their medications, including whether there are any interactions that could be causing problems. However, it is not clear whether all the features of the Medicines app will be available to all users across the world.

better sleep tracking

Sleep tracking is one area where the Apple Watch has probably lagged behind the competition. For example, the Samsung Galaxy Watch does a good job of sleep tracking. However, with watchOS 9, Apple wants to fix that. One of the new feature offering deeper insight into your sleep is Sleep Stages. The Apple Watch uses signals from the accelerometer and heart rate sensors to detect when you’re awake, as well as when you’re in REM, core, or deep sleep. You can review detailed information, including how long you spent in each step and when you woke up.

AFib History: For Cardio Health Monitoring

If you’ve been diagnosed with atrial fibrillation, you can now access the AFib history—a first of its kind feature that gives you unparalleled insight into your AFib over a long period of time. watchOS 9 can predict how often your heart is in AFib while wearing the Apple Watch. The updated Health app will show you how your lifestyle may be affecting AFib and provide useful insight into behaviors that can help reduce the amount of time you spend with this arrhythmia. The time you spend with AFib is important, as it can affect your symptoms, overall quality of life, and your risk of serious complications.

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