Apple will reintroduce this feature with the upcoming iPhone update

Apple Recently started rolling out the fourth beta update of iOS 15.5 and iPad 15.5 for developers. Although the upcoming iOS update In addition to performance and security improvements that will include only minor changes and features, the update will also reintroduce a Apple Music The feature that the company removed with iOS 15.4.
As revealed by Joe Kun, Apple software engineer on the Apple Music team, the tech giant will again add a popular Apple Music API that allowed users to change the playback speed of songs within the app. The API is also used by many third-party music players.
“We have re-evaluated our previous decision to disable changing the playback rate for subscription content from Apple Music in third-party applications, and we have come to the conclusion that we will continue to have that functionality as of prior to the release of iOS 15.4.” You can safely re-enable it. . . as such, this problem has been fixed in iOS 15.5 beta 4. Kun wrote in a post in the Apple Developer Forum.
For those who are unaware, Apple removed the API that allows users to change the playback speed of songs with previous iOS updates. Apple did not specify the reason for removing the API.
What other features can Apple add with iOS 15.5?
Apart from this, Apple iPhones may get a new app with the upcoming iOS update. According to a report from MacRumors, references to a new “Apple Classical” app were discovered in the first beta version of iOS 15.5. As per the report, the company has the app in development and will complement the existing Apple Music app.
The report reveals that some codes in the Music app indicate that Apple may soon launch a standalone classical app. “Open in Apple Classic” and “Open this in a new app designed for classical music”, read the codes seen in the Apple Music app.

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