Boat launches ‘Wave Style’ smartwatch: Price, availability and features

boat Launched its ‘Wave Style’ smart watch in India. boat wave style The smartwatch is available at a special price of Rs 1,299 (originally priced at Rs 5,999) on the official websites of the smartwatch. heroine and the boat-lifestyle. The wearable device comes in Active Black, Blue, Olive Green and . Comes in color options of Cherry Blossom,
boat Shake Style: Specifications and Features
boat wave style The smartwatch features a 1.69-inch HD square display and features IP68-rated silicone straps that are sweat-resistant. It has over 100 customizable cloud watch faces. The device comes with Bluetooth v5.0 support for connectivity.
Built-in Boat Crest software on smartwatch enables users to create personalized fitness plans based on their BMI and to train activity levels, achieve fitness objectives, and make healthy lifestyle changes.
Boat wave style helps you keep track of your heart rate and SpO2 levels. Additionally, it can track your various sleep patterns, including rem Go to sleep and evaluate your nighttime sleep habits.
The wearable device records your active lifestyle and has over 10 different sports modes. The Smart Activity Tracker on the watch can detect and analyze activities such as walking, using the treadmill, skipping, running, playing football, playing basketball or tennis, dancing, yoga or indoor cycling. With the help of the data, it can enter the number of calories burned, steps taken and distance covered by the user.
The Wave Style smartwatch packs a 220 mAh battery and is claimed to have a battery life of 7 days.

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