Chrome: Chrome 103 beta is now live: What’s new in web browsers

Google has recently chrome 102 stable update for users. About a day after that, the company dropped Chrome 103 on the beta channel for users to try out the web browser’s upcoming features.
Chrome 103 Beta The update brings some minor improvements and new features to the browser. As per the changelog, most of the features are backend changes aimed at providing better browsing experience and increasing the overall speed. Here’s a list of everything that’s new with the Chrome 103 update.
fast website loading speed
According to the official blog post, Chrome 103 brings support for 103 early prompt HTTP response codes for navigation. When in response 103 or other link headers, Chromium attempts to preload (and/or pre-connect, prefetch) the specified resources before the final response is received. It gives web developers a way to optimize core web vitals such as Biggest Contentful Paint (LCP).
local font access
Another notable feature the browser is getting with the Chrome 103 update is access to local fonts. Web applications can now calculate local fonts and metadata about each. The new API gives web applications access to table data stored within local fonts, allowing those fonts to be rendered within their applications using a custom text stack.
.avif for . Support for web share
The .avif image file format can now be shared by Web Share. The Web Share API is already shipped to more platforms such as ChromeOS and Windows, but Avif isn’t supported yet.

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