Chrome: Google Chrome will soon allow Android users to remove the Discover feed from the new tab page

new tab page in Android version of Google Chrome browser currently has several options which include – a search bar, most frequently visited websites and two content feeds. One of these material feeds is traditional google discover Feed that shows a list of articles recommended by the company’s algorithms to the user. Meanwhile, other feeds include the latest posts from outlets that a user is “following” in Chrome. It is important to note that the latter feature is limited to Android users only. According to a report by 9to5Google, the tech giant is now working on a solution to remove the Discover feed from the new tab page. chrome For Android users.
Difference Between Chrome’s New Tab Page on Desktop and Android
Google Chrome’s new tab page on desktop is far cleaner than on the Android version. A few additional cards appear at the bottom of the page on the desktop, however, so it mainly focuses on shortcuts and search. If users want more simplicity in their web browser, they can also keep an eye on the upcoming flag. The report also reveals that the upcoming feed ablation flag is coming soon to the chrome://flags page and will be available almost the same for iOS users.
What will this new flag do?
This new flag is likely to “remove all feeds from Chrome,” which includes both the Discover and Follow feeds. flag is now available for testing chrome canary And the report claims that it is effective in cleaning the New Tab page. Google has not expressed its intentions to make the Discover feed an optional part of the Chrome New Tab page. However, reports suggest that the flag is fast-tracked and should come with Chrome 103 next month.
Different Ways to Access Google Discover on Android Devices
Users have several ways to access Google Discover on their Android phones and Google Chrome for Android is one of them. Discover on Android can be accessed through the homepage of — Google search The leftmost page of the app, Chrome’s new tab page Pixel Launcher and the mobile version of The report even says that the new flag appearing for iOS is a bit strange as Chrome on iphone Discover already offers a handy toggle for the feed.
In other news, Google is now rolling out a new redesign for the web version of the Play Store. check Here what changed.

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