CM asks citizens to rededicate themselves to State’s progress

He remembers the struggle to unite princely provinces on the eve of Kerala Piravi Day

Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan has urged citizens to rededicate themselves to the State’s progress on Kerala Piravi Day on November 1.

In a message, Mr. Vijayan remembered the struggle to unite the erstwhile princely provinces of Thiruvananthapuram, Kochi and Malabar.

He said the names of E.M.S. Namboodiripad, A.K.G and K. Kelappan were synonymous with the State’s formation and progress.

The first Communist government headed by E.M.S. laid the foundation of modern Kerala. It engineered social change through radical legislation, including land reforms.

It formulated the roadmap for a progressive and modern State moored to democratic and secular foundations. The E.M.S. government universalised education, and it laid the foundation of a knowledge-based modern and enlightened society.

Subsequent progressive governments that led Kerala strived to keep the State on the path of progress. They expanded the social welfare net, decentralised power, implemented people’s planning, fortified the public health care system, and fast-tracked modernisation.

The LDF came to power again in 2021 on the strength of its governance track record. The current LDF disposition would take Kerala to further heights. It has modernised public service via K.A.S. Schools are reopening post-COVID-19 lockdown on November 1. Kerala is learning to live with the pandemic, and it will soon achieve universal vaccination.

Climate risk mitigation, semi-high speed railway, creating a knowledge-based economy, attracting global investment, relocating families in disaster-prone zones to safer localities, creating extreme weather resilient roads, bridges and structures, and improving the health infrastructure, were on the government’s top agenda.

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