Crest gates of four reservoirs partially lifted at Tirumala

All the drinking water projects at Tirumala are brimming to their full capacity, thanks to the incessant rain that has pounded Chittoor district during the past one week.

The rain-fed hill town has five major reservoirs to meet its daily water requirements. Crest gates of four of them were partially lifted on Sunday afternoon allowing excess water to flow downstream.

While the storage reserves in Papavinasanam dam, the major source of drinking water to the temple town, is put at 5,144 lakh gallons, the reserves in Kumaradhara dam is put at 4,245.86 lakh gallons, Gogarbham (2,663 LG) Pasupudhara (1,287.63 LG) and the reserves in Akasa Ganga dam is put around 685 lakh gallons. The gross water reserves in all the dams is put around 14,016.49 lakh gallons while their combined full storage capacity is 14,304 lakh gallons.

According to Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams (TTD) Chief Engineer Nageswara Rao, the present reserves are sufficient to meet the requirements of the temple town for around 353 days if the water is drawn at 14 million litres a day.

Meanwhile, the Gogarbham dam has registered 209 mm of rainfall during the past week while the Papavinasanam dam recorded 319.5 mm of rainfall with a maximum of 115 mm of rainfall on Sunday alone.

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