Dark Souls: Dark Souls players, here’s some good news from the developers

By early 2022, a dangerous security vulnerability in dark Souls 3 forced publisher Bandai Namco to suspend pvp Servers for all Dark Souls games on PC. Initially, Bandai Namco and from software announced that the servers would be kept offline until the release of Elden Ring. However, it’s been three months since Elden Ring was released and there has been some development on Dark Souls multiplayer on PC.
According to a report by PCGamer, FromSoftware has now officially confirmed that it is bringing back online servers for the PC version of Dark Souls.
The report says that the developers have finally decided to bring back Dark Souls’ online PC servers. The confirmation comes after months of rumors and speculation about upcoming fixes. Reportedly, a Bandai Namco support representative has said that help is on the way and they now have it directly from the source.
The developers have reportedly mentioned that they are currently in the process of restoring the online servers for the Dark Souls series on PC and that this will be done “with each game progressively”. He also promised to bring back servers for Dark Souls 3 after doing the necessary work to fix the issue.
As per the report, FromSoftware has also assured of providing additional updates soon after finalizing the restoration program. The developers thanked all the players for their patience and understanding.
dark souls pc Server Restoration: When Is This Happening?
The report states that FromSoftware has not provided any specific timeline for fixing the issues. The report also points out that the developers’ statement about “progressively bringing back each game” may sound a bit confusing. The restoration process is likely to be done in the order of each game’s release (Dark Souls 1,2 and 3). However, the mention of Dark Souls 3 in particular also indicates that the game may be the first to be restored as it has been the most popular of the three.

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