Delhi HC asks authorities to decide on regulating Yulu bikes

The Delhi High Court on Monday asked the Centre, Delhi Government, city police, and Delhi Metro Rail Corporation to decide on a plea seeking regulations on Yulu bikes plying on the Capital’s roads.

The plea filed by D.P.S. Rajesh said that to ensure the safety of minors and the public at large, effective guidelines were needed on the use of Yulu bikes — small battery-operated scooters available outside metro stations on rent through a mobile application.

The plea sought that Yulu bikes be brought under the ambit of the Motor Vehicles Act and their further use be banned until guidelines are framed. It said that the commuters were using them in violation of traffic rules due to the absence of appropriate regulations.

“With the availability of the Yulu bikes easily, hirers after booking the vehicle can have unbridled liberty to go for joy rides without caring for their safety and undermining the safety of other road users, creating chaos on the roads,” the petition said.

“The sluggish speed of Yulu bikes slows down fast-moving traffic on busy roads and the low height of the bikes does not meet eye levels of drivers in bigger vehicles like trucks and buses, creating [the] danger of an accident,” it added.

“Violation of traffic norms by the users is common. The users can even be seen driving on the wrong sides of the roads and taking sharp turns besides driving on the pavements meant for walking, even in areas like Connaught Place, at odd hours of the night,” it said.

The plea said since the police officials are not allowed to stop or check the identity of the commuters on Yulu bikes, “minors are getting ignorant towards following laws of the land”.

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