Dogecoin co-founder Billy Marcus believes Terra 2.0 will attract ‘dumb’ gamblers

Dogecoin co-founder Billy Marcus, who has been very vocal on Twitter about the TeraUSD stablecoin debacle, now claims that the upcoming launch of Tera 2.0 – the new iteration of the failed blockchain project, will show the world what is truly “dumb”. How are cryptocurrency gamblers? The reboot, introduced a week ago amid sharp criticism by Terra CEO Do Kwon, has been flagged by the community after the proposal garnered a 65 percent majority of votes. According to Kwon’s proposal, the current LUNA token will be renamed LUNA Classic, while a new LUNA-only blockchain will be launched on May 27th on Block 0.

Whereas Marcus Based on recent developments surrounding the Terra project, which did not elaborate on what he meant by the statement, it is easy to conclude that the Dogecoin founder believes that things will continue to improve even after Terra is launched. can be bad too its new series,

A week ago, Marcus made a controversial tweet in the aftermath of the TeraUSD crash, labeling 95% of cryptocurrency projects as “scams and garbage”. Adding to his original tweet, Marcus said that the people who are going to “trigger” and “lash out” on his tweets are “scammers.” While the Dogecoin creator’s tweet came at a time when the crypto market was booming with scam projects, it seems like a blatant joke in the Terra community.

Marcus’ “Scams and Trash” It also happened after Terra’s blasted Do Kwon as one of the “tech bros” – a move that eventually led to Kwon blocking Marcus on Twitter.

Meanwhile, the Terra team is working closely with several centralized exchanges to support the upcoming airdrop for their community, as part of their revival plan. 35 percent of LUNA tokens will be given to holders of the pre-attack Luna and UST. A substantial portion of the token distribution will also be allocated to the Terra dApp developers and the overall ecosystem.

The founder of Terra, the charismatic but polarizing South Korean entrepreneur do kwonSaid that the motivation for relaunching the currency was to support the broader platform built around Terra.

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