Dragon Range: AMD Dragon Range high-end CPUs teased to debut in 2023

During its Q1 2022 financial results, amd Unveiled plans to release Ryzen 7000, a high-end mobile gaming CPU range codenamed dragon range, A new class of CPUs is expected to arrive next year, with the most cores, threads, and caches among mobile gaming CPUs. These high-end CPUs will be built on the company’s Zen4 architecture.
The Ryzen 7000 Dragon Range will have a TDP of over 55W and is designed for use while a laptop is plugged in. Also, it will also be seen in laptops thicker than 20mm. In addition, the Dragon range CPUs will come with PCIe 5 architecture and DDR5 memory. However, some SKUs may come with support for LPDDR5 storage.
to come dragon range cpu The range will use the “HS” suffix. Despite the high TDP, the Dragon range will keep an eye on power efficiency. AMD’s director of technical marketing, Robert Hallock, says the Dragon range will be “notably more power-efficient than other laptops in that competitive time frame.”
As far as the Zen4 architecture is concerned, it is expected to be based on TSMCof 5nm process node. The Zen4 architecture will debut later this year with a “Rafale” desktop CPU.
In addition to the Ryzen 7000 Dragon Range CPU series, AMD will also release Ryzen 7000 Phenoix CPUs. marvel CPU’s range is 20mm or . will be targeted at laptops with a maximum thickness of ultrabook, The TDP of this series of CPUs will be between 35W to 45W. Similarly the Dragon Range, the marvel It will also include PCIe 5 and LPDDR5 memory, while some models may come with DDR5 memory. Both the Dragon Range and Phoenix are expected to drop after the launch in 2023. Raphael,

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