Eclipse: Lunar Eclipse May 2022: Expected Timings and How to Watch Live Stream

first lunar eclipse either lunar eclipse To be held on 16th May. this moon Assumption After the first partial solar eclipse of the year and will be visible from different parts of the world.
At what time will the lunar eclipse take place?
The first lunar eclipse of 2022 is scheduled to occur at 7.02 pm IST and is expected to continue till 12.20 pm.
How to watch live stream?
However, it will not be visible in India but you can watch the live stream of the same by visiting the official NASA Website. NASA will host the event on its official social media platform and even Youtube channel,
What is the reason for lunar eclipse?
Lunar eclipse or lunar eclipse occurs when moon And this sun position themselves on the exact opposite sides of Earth, As a result of this condition the sunlight on the Moon is completely blocked. basically. A lunar eclipse occurs when the Moon moves into the Earth’s shadow.
Apart from this, this lunar eclipse is also expected to cause a ‘Blood Moon’ event which creates a unique appearance of the Moon as a reddish tint appears on the surface. This lunar eclipse, which will take place on 16 May, is expected to take place on the first and second of the year on 8 November.

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