Edge: Microsoft is working on a new feature for its Edge browser

Microsoft Developing a new feature for corner Browser that will make it easier for users to share files. This new feature is called drop Will allow users to share notes and files on all devices that have Edge browser installed. According to a report by XDA Developers, this feature is expected to be placed on the sidebar of the desktop version of Edge browser. The report also mentioned that the option is likely to look like a messaging service, however, users will only be able to send messages to themselves.
Microsoft Edge’s Drop feature availability
Microsoft Edge’s Drop feature is currently available Microsoft Edge Insiders running the latest version available in Pineapple Channel. The report also suggests that the tech giant is rolling out this feature in a controlled manner. This means that not all users of Canary Channel will be able to see this feature right now. However, if users want to test this feature now, they will have to do so by downloading the latest Canary version of it microsoft edge And checking if they are lucky enough to get this feature. Users for whom this feature is available can enable the drop button by clicking on the three-dot menu and then choosing Settings. Then, the user has to select the Options option and the drop down option is likely to be found below the Quote button.
How will Microsoft Edge’s Drop feature work?
According to the report, Microsoft Edge’s upcoming Drop feature can be used to send almost anything from text to file attachments. The report also suggests that the feature is also expected to bring cloud storage as Edge will show how much space is currently being used for the user. A campaign account. This means files sent to Drop can go live on OneDrive, occupying a user’s cloud storage space. The tech giant itself may also use OneDrive which is likely to make it more convenient for users to access these files.
Other Edge Features Microsoft is Developing
In addition to working on the new Drop feature, Microsoft keeps developing new features for Edge. Recently, the company cooperated cloudflare To offer a secure network mode. This new mode is a built-in VPN service that encrypts your data as you browse the Internet. Microsoft also announced that it is upgrading the PWA experience on its Edge browser for Web apps to feel more like native apps at its build event last week.
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