English Premier League Files Hints at NFT, Crypto Trademark Metaverse Entry

The English Premier League (EPL), one of the most-watched sports leagues globally, is the latest entity to venture into the metaverse, with two filings before the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The scope of trademark filings is vast and includes the creation and sale of digital assets, virtual clothing, cryptocurrencies, and media files, which are verified by non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The trademark filing was made on June 1, 2022, and the USPTO confirmed that the application met all required requirements.

The Premier League’s entry into the metaverse was disclosed by Licensed Trademark Attorney Michael Kondodis via his Twitter account on 6 June. The application contains the name of the league with the logo “Loving Cup Trophy” and the “Lion Head” logo.

“The Premier League is regularly watched by over a billion people, so the value attached to the brand is substantial. These filings represent a logical step to protect the brand in today’s economy, which has both the virtual and crypto elements and the potential of tomorrow. The virtual economy is involved. The metaverse,” Kondodis said. release,

The move did not come as a big surprise as some of the biggest clubs in the Premier League already have some sort of deal with a company in the crypto sector. For example, Arsenal and Manchester City have signed up with the fan token firm Social To launch your own tokens. Recently, Chelsea inked a sponsorship deal with crypto firm Whalefin, while Manchester United inked a training kit sponsorship deal. Tezos,

In addition, the football league’s trademark application also includes virtual clothing, shoes, and sports gear. Football clubs and players have been using NFTs, fan token, and merchandise to improve fan engagement. Clubs also offer their fans rewards and fan tokens through their websites.

This step has also been taken at a time when regulatory scrutiny UK However, given the fact that the English Premier League is one of the most-watched annual sporting events globally, the digital asset is tightening around the space, making the move a major milestone.

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