Estudio: Teamviewer brings AI to the shopfloor with its new tool Estudio

TeamViewer has announced the launch of Estudio, a fully integrated Artificial Intelligence (AI) add-on to its enterprise Augmented Reality (AR) platform Frontline. estudio Contains a self-learning algorithm to train AI models for image and object recognition. The company claims that the new tool follows its no-code approach to the frontline platform, meaning no programming skills are required to use Estudio.
According to the company, customers from the food and beverage industry such as NSF participated in a Closed Early Access program from Estudio and are said to have developed an AI-enabled TeamViewer frontline workflow for quality assurance and workplace safety. Use cases include automated verification that hygiene gloves are worn during the food preparation process, as well as confirmation of correct commissioning in warehouse logistics.
Other scenarios for add-ons range, ranging from quality assurance with AI-based identification of damaged or incorrectly assembled products, to automatically detecting factory equipment such as industrial machines and relevant maintenance instructions via augmented reality software. To provide additional information.
There are two other AI capabilities available to all customers with Frontline licenses: Users can detect general shopfloor warning signs through smart glasses; Camera, second can detect whether safety helmet is worn or not. Companies can further implement personalized automated safety checks by adding an AI-based layer of workplace security.

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