Explained: Different types of inverter technologies used in air conditioners

The use of air conditioners in most homes has increased due to the extreme heat in the Indian subcontinent. The increase in the use of air conditioners has made inverter air conditioners popular as they are an energy-efficient option and even save on electricity bills. Many manufacturers use different inverter technologies in their products. These manufacturers introduce small changes to their inverter technologies to bring innovation and stay ahead of the market. These innovations and changes have allowed many inverter technologies to coexist and are used in different products available in the market. Users should be aware of these inverter technologies used in ACs before buying a new product. Here we will discuss various inverter ac Technologies that are available to users.
double or twin inverter ac technology
Dual or Twin Inverter AC technology uses two rotors to achieve a compression effect. External AC units that use this technology help to further reduce the noise of compressor operation. This technology is used by brands like – LG, blue Star, Godrej, etc. This technology provides stable, efficient and low vibration compression as both rotors are placed at a phase difference of 180 °C. These inverter ACs are capable of running very slow to save power and can also run at extra high speed for faster cooling as they are capable of converting an additional 10-20 percent of the speed.
Triple Inverter AC Technology
Triple inverter AC technology does not use multiple rotors like twin inverter compressors. Instead, triple inverter ACs are powered by more advanced digital 8 pole motor compressors that are designed to provide fast cooling and energy efficiency. This technology ensures efficient operation as these inverter compressors produce low torque fluctuations. Low torque fluctuations can also prolong the life of both the compressor and the condenser. This technique is used by samsung Which also produces less vibration and noise.
Intellisense Inverter AC Technology
In this technology used by Whirlpool, compressor operation is adjusted based on temperature and humidity. In these ACs the outdoor and indoor units can communicate with each other using a built-in smart intuitive logic chip. The two units communicate with each other to adjust and optimize AC operation based on humidity levels.
Two Stage Steady Quiet Compressor AC Technology
Refrigerants in two-stage stationary cool compressors used by voltas Compressed in two stages. In the case of low-temperature refrigeration and if the evaporator and compressor have high pressure levels, a two-stage compressor can become an energy-efficient method. These compressors can also operate in a wide range of temperatures.
flexicool hybrid jet inverter ac technology
In this technology the airflow design of the condenser is modified to deliver fresh and cool air. Other than this. Refrigerant is used for separate cooling system for PCB in this technology introduced by the carrier, This technology also helps in increasing the life and efficiency of the system as the inverter compressor stays cooler than a conventional compressor with this technology.
Expandable Inverter AC Technology
Expandable inverter AC technology can increase system capacity when users need additional cooling. This inverter ac technology is mainly used by u Hitachi And as their name suggests, are designed to provide additional cooling. The technology proves to be quite useful when additional loads are required for high indoor or outdoor temperatures.

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