Explained: Different types of notch displays for front cameras available in smartphones

All smartphones offer a front camera For users to click selfies and video calls. The front camera in most smartphones is placed on the display – either fitted into a chamber (notch) or it is placed below the display. Under-display front cameras are usually available on some premium smartphones, whereas most of the devices available today have the front camera inside the display notch. However, other handsets have a different mechanism where the front camera pops up on the screen, some are on top of the display and some are flipped out from behind. Smartphone makers are competing against each other to increase screen space and keep up with the bezel-less design trend attracting more viewers.
What is Display Notch?
Most of the display notches are cutouts on the top of the display of a smartphone that houses the front camera. There are many types of notch displays available in the smartphone industry which include – full notch display, waterdrop notch display, punch display as well as pop-up camera. Here we will discuss about the different types of display notches available in the market.
Different types of notch displays
full notch display
This display looks like a notch wedge. They are the largest ones that take up almost the entire top portion of the display and can be found on the iPhone X. These notches not only house the front camera, but also some sensors, even the speaker and microphone.
medium notch display
This notch can be found on the OnePlus 6 and is a smaller version of the previous one. It also includes new features that allow users to control the notch through the display settings. A black bar appeared at the top of the display showing the time, battery as well as notifications.
waterdrop notch display
The waterdrop notch on the display looks like a small inward bump. The size of these notches allows them to accommodate only the front camera. The waterdrop notch increases the screen space and has been available since – Essential PH-1, Oppo F9 Pro and Vivo V11 Pro.
punch hole display
These notches are smaller than the waterdrop notch and look like a small hole in the display that houses the front camera. On some phones like the Xiaomi 11i HyperCharge it is in the middle of the display and others like the recently released OnePlus Nord CE 2 Lite have it on the side.
pop up camera
Pop-up front cameras can be found on phones like the Redmi K20 series and Vivo V17 Pro. The front camera pops up from the top of the display when required, and the mechanism is prone to wear and tear. For example, the OnePlus 7 Pro uses a stepper motor mechanism that uses coils to slide the camera in and out of the phone. Oppo also introduced a shark-fin style pop-up sliding camera.
Under-display front camera
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