Fire TV Stick: Amazon launches Fire TV Stick Lite in India: Price, features and more

expand your range fire tv stick Device, heroine All-New Launched fire tv stick lite in India. The new Fire TV Stick Lite comes with a new Alexa Voice Remote Light. The remote has hotkey buttons for popular OTT apps. This is the second Lite device in the Fire TV Stick device since the first one made its debut in September 2020.

Amazon Fire TV Stick Lite: Price and Availability

The new Fire TV Stick Lite with Alexa Voice Remote Lite is priced at Rs 2,999. device is already available Amazon India Website. With the launch of the new device, the previous generation Fire TV Stick Lite is currently available for Rs 2,499. However, the accompanying voice remote doesn’t come with hotkey buttons for apps.

Amazon Fire TV Stick Lite: Specifications

The brand new Amazon Fire TV Stick Lite brings 8GB of storage on board and is powered by a 1.7Ghz quad-core processor. It supports content streaming in Full HD resolution. It works with high-definition TVs that have HDMI capable of 1080p or 720p at 60/50 Hz.
In terms of specifications, the new Fire TV Stick Lite is largely similar to the previous generation. What’s different is the Alexa Voice Remote Lite. The new remote comes with dedicated hotkey buttons for Amazon Music, Amazon Prime Video and Netflix. Users can activate Alexa with the voice button.
The Alexa Voice Live Remote also comes with Bluetooth support and looks similar to the older version of the remote. However, the new Alexa Voice Remote Lite is 42.5 grams lighter than the previous generation model, which weighed 43.4 grams.

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