Football: Why won’t FIFA games be the same again?

When it comes to fifa gameThose of us who have played him casually know we have loved him no matter what his time football simulator entered our lives. Some of us grew up with them, trying out every new title every year. electronic Arts, fifa Category soccer Simulation games have been around for more than three long decades now. But now, things are about to change and though it might not sound like a major one for some, it certainly is for a select few football lovers for whom the name ‘FIFA’ is a memorable one for challenging a friend to a match. brings up memories. , leading the career of a football team manager or a player with a special focus on learning new keyboard or controller tricks to control the ball. As almost all the time only one phrase is needed for them: “Let’s play FIFA”. That one word was ‘FIFA’ which was enough.
So, the small (or big) change is that Electronic Arts is going to change the FIFA Games brand name. in fact it has already done so and new titles are coming out after it fifa 23 They will not have the word ‘FIFA’ in their title. Instead, EA has chosen to go with the new brand name.EA Sports FC‘ to the upcoming games in the series.

The reason for the move is that the partnership between the world football governing body and EA is coming to an end. But other aspects of the game series may not see much change as EA still has licenses for over 300 football partners and active partnerships with the world’s major football leagues. Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga and more. EA Sports FC titles can still come with features like Career Mode, Ultimate Team, etc. More details about the first game to be launched under the EA Sports FC series will be revealed in July 2023, according to a report by Engadget.

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