fraud alert! Noida man caught in online bank fraud, saving 1 paisa technology news

New Delhi: Despite two cyber attacks, a Greater Noida man was lucky to escape an internet fraud of Rs 10,000. The man had only Rs 9,999.99 in his bank account when cybercriminals carried out a transaction of Rs 10,000, raising the alarm.

It is said that Sunil Kumar, a resident of Darin village in Greater Noida, works in the commercial belt Alpha. He was to transfer Rs 22,000 to one of his cousins ​​on June 2. However, once the wrong account number was entered, the money was transferred to an unknown account. Read more: Microsoft is retiring Internet Explorer after 27 years, here’s why

Sunil immediately informed his bank, but got no help; Consequently, he took to Twitter and appealed for assistance, referring to the bank’s official Twitter handle. Read More: WhatsApp Users Alert! You can soon add up to 512 members to a group

Cyber ​​thugs became active after seeing his tweet. Sunil was then called by cyber thugs, who had downloaded an app for him.

The miscreants attempted a transaction of Rs 2,000 after obtaining his bank details, but it failed. They then proceeded to transact Rs 10,000, for which Sunil received an alarm notice as he had only Rs 9,999.99 in his bank account. The transaction failed once again due to lack of money in Sunil’s bank account.

After this Sunil lodged a complaint with the Cyber ​​Unit of Noida Police.

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