Global PC and tablet shipments to decline in 2022 for economic slowdown, claims report

Demand for PCs and tablets has slowed due to several factors, including pandemics, wars and inflation. Now, a new report suggests that global pc shipment This year there is going to be a setback due to the economic slowdown. according to a report of International Data Corporation ,IDC), global shipments of PCs will fall 8.2 percent to 321.2 million units in 2022. Apart from this, the report also suggests that the worldwide demand for the tablet is also expected to decline by 6.2% bringing it to 158 million units.
How will it affect the market
The report mentions that PC shipments are expected to remain well above pre-pandemic levels. Meanwhile, the report also suggests that shipments are likely to return to positive annual growth in 2023 and beyond, but would result in a five-year compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of -0.6%. Tablets, on the other hand, will face a major decline over the same period as competition from PCs and smartphones is expected to keep growth subdued, which will eventually lead to -2.0% CAGR.
IDC research manager Jitesh Ubarani said supply constraints have plagued the industry for some time and the recent lockdown in China continues to exacerbate the issue. Factories are struggling to get new components from upstream suppliers, while they are also facing downstream issues during shipping of finished goods. Worker sentiment within the supply chain remains unknown as restrictions are expected to ease soon. Further, the delivery backlog is also likely to remain the same for the rest of the year.
Another IDC Executive Ryan Reith noted that their research continues to show strong demand and supply activity aimed at the commercial PC market, but the consumer and education markets are seeing growing concerns that decreasing orders could be the cause. However, Reith also said that the recent forecast was significant for a number of reasons and that the uncertainty is still high.
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