Google: Early prototype of Google Pixel 7 appears on eBay ahead of official launch

Google The Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro were showcased at its Google I/O event earlier this month. Now, an early prototype of the Pixel 7 has surfaced on e-commerce platform eBay and is up for sale.
The listing was viewed by XDA Developers And according to the eBay listing, seller ‘Mitaviru’ is claiming this phone to be an early prototype of the phone. google pixel 7,
The seller claims to The Verge that he purchased this Pixel 7 prototype from a wholesaler without any identifying information. The seller also claimed that he later realized that it was a Pixel 7 smartphone after going through and seeing images of the prototype phone.
The listing has now been pulled down by the seller. However, the prototype was listed at an initial bid of $450.
Also, the listing shows pictures of the phone from both the front and back and also reveals the specifications of the Pixel 7.
For starters, the eBay listing images match the design of the official Pixel 7 images that were revealed by the company at the Google I/O event.
The top half of the phone in the picture features a meta rim with a dual oval-shaped camera design. Also, the overall shape of the phone appears to be the same as what Google had showcased at the event.
Google Pixel 7: Specifications based on eBay listing
Apart from this, the listing also revealed the key specifications of the smartphone. According to the listing, the handset is expected to sport a 6.4-inch display. The phone is listed as a dual SIM smartphone (SIM + eSIM). Furthermore, the alleged prototype of the Pixel 7 is said to pack 128GB of internal storage and 8GB of RAM.
The listing claims that the rear camera resolution is 12MP and doesn’t reveal any details about the secondary sensor that can be seen in the images.
As per the listing, the features of the phone include AMOLED display, water-resistant, fast wireless charging, fingerprint scanner, etc.
Google devices have had a history of mysteriously appearing somewhere on the Internet before the official launch. Recently, Google Pixel Watch was found on a restaurant table and now, some sellers have got their hands on the upcoming Pixel 7 smartphone.
Meanwhile, Google is set to launch the new Pixel 7 Duo later this year, where we will finally get to know more about the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro smartphones.

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