Google: Google adds a save search history feature to its translation service

Google translation Now users will be able to save their search history in their Google account. This feature has finally been released after speculations that it will be launched in early 2020. Android Police reports that the company notified Google Translate users about an upcoming policy change in 2020 that is finally taking place. The tech giant has also recently introduced The first beta version of the Android TV 13 platform,
Google Outdated translation warning message for users
Earlier, there were reports about a warning sign that users could see on Google Translate. The warning states that search history on Google Translate will “soon” be available only to users who are logged into their Google Accounts. Earlier, users were able to save individual searches across different devices, which was good for privacy but not good for consistency across platforms.
google translate new changes
The report also noted a new prompt that is now appearing on Google Translate, asking users – either back up their Translate search history to their Google Account, manage your activity logging, or Continue to use without translation. Users can also use the app temporarily without an account by tapping their account avatar available in the top-right corner. To switch it up, users have to tap on the down arrow next to their account information.
Users will also need to make sure that the Web & App Activity Control setting is turned on in their Google Account settings if they want to sync their search history to the cloud. Locally recorded histories stay up-to-date as cloud-synced translation history updates every few hours. For more information, users can visit Google’s help page —
However, Google announced comprehensive user-controlled auto-delete policies and it took two months for users to start seeing them. Keeping this time frame in mind, the new google translate feature May also be displayed for all users at some point in time.

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