Google: Google announces new educational features for Chromebooks, Classroom and Meet

Google New update announced for Chromebook, google classroom And google meet To help teachers and students. Google claims that these updates will help teachers and students focus on GoogleMeet’s interconnectivity, control and efficiency in the classroom. Hosting an event for the company Google for EducationThe product launch of The Anywhere School 2022, where it will reveal more details.
New features coming to Chromebooks
Users will now be able to use a Chromebook to create screencasts and cast them on the larger screen. A new Screencast app has been added to chrome OS in the M103, which can be used to record, trim, share and view transcribed screencasts – and create a custom library of videos automatically saved to Google Drive.
select devices with google tv The new Cast will also receive Moderator Mode that enables both teachers and students to share wirelessly Chromebook Screen on class display using access code.
New features coming to Google Classroom
Google is introducing new integration tools to help teachers improve engagement in the classroom and check comprehension regularly. Practice sets help in adaptive learning by giving students instant feedback on their answers and real-time support if they get stuck. The tool also provides automated insights for teachers to identify potential gaps in students’ understanding. Practice sets are now available globally in beta and in English. They are only available to customers Google Workspaces for Education with education plus or Teaching and Learning Edition,
Google will allow students and teachers to access over 15 edtech tools with add-ons like Kahoot! And pear deck With single login. The company claims that this will help teachers create engaging assignments and view new grading experiences, while students don’t have to worry about remembering extra passwords and navigating external websites. These add-ons will be available with Education Plus or Teaching and Learning Edition.
In addition, the company is also expanding its roster import feature in Google Workspace for Education Plus to 15 additional countries. This feature will allow class lists to be synced automatically with the student information system.
New features coming to Google Meet
Google is also adding features to Google Meet that are expected to increase interconnectivity, control and efficiency in the classroom. These new features will also be available for Google Workspace for Education Teaching and Learning and Plus Edition users. Google Meet will now allow Docs to directly auto-transcribe calls for easy text reviews and the ability to find keywords and concepts. The company is also adding picture-in-picture mode to its calling service where users will be able to navigate other tabs in Chrome while viewing the four tiles of students in a meet call. Teachers will be able to add polls and Q&A to live-stream as well as live-stream directly to YouTube to keep their classes engaged and also help students check in regularly to understand what they mean.
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