Google: Google Assistant may get better voice recognition feature

The ability to understand voices and execute related commands is perhaps the most important feature of any modern voice assistant, including google assistant, While these assistants are really good at understanding voice commands, at times they struggle to understand things and give vague answers as a result.
it appears that Google Working on making things better. 9to5Google has spotted the new capabilities for Google Assistant in the Google App APK teardown. According to the report, APK Teardown The app includes strings about ‘personal speech recognition’ for the assistant.
The app update is set to bring better voice recognition by storing voice data on users’ devices and is used to optimize voice tone and speech recognition to optimize the way users talk.
According to the report, the new voice recognition will work with the federated learning model of Assistant introduced in March 2021. The APK teardown also reveals that users can turn off this feature and turn it off with the following message “If you turn it off, your Assistant may use the names and other words you use frequently. will be less accurate in identifying All audio used to improve speech recognition for you will be removed from this device.”
While the existing speech recognition system where the assistant asks users to repeat certain phrases at the beginning and then uses it to recognize all future commands, the added feature is sure to address the vast differences in pronunciation, speech and tone of voice. Will make it better
Note that this feature is found under APK teardown and is not live yet. However, the company is expected to roll it out with future updates to the Google app.

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