google: Google I/O 2022: Google Search gets new features, ‘Googling’ aims to solve two big issues

Google is once again aiming to change the way users search Google, or shall we say your Googling experience. Feather I/O 2022The search giant announces several new enhancements to come Google search later this year. “Today, we are redefining Google Search, combining our understanding of all types of information – text, voice, visual and more – so that everything you see, hear and experience, whatever The most convenient, useful information you can find about it. For you. We envision a future where you can explore your entire world, any way and anywhere,” the company said.
multi search goes ‘local’
In April this year, Google launched the Multisearch feature that allows users to search with images and text at the same time through Google Lens, its image recognition technology. The multi-search feature allows users to ask questions about any item in front of them or to refine their search results based on color, brand or other visual characteristics. Now Google is adding a way to find local information with Multisearch. This means users will be able to view local information with Multisearch.
Google Multi-search What does it mean to go ‘local’
The aim of taking ‘Local’ the multi-search feature is to allow users to better search among millions of local businesses on Google. Users will be able to use a photo or screenshot and add “Near Me” to see options for local restaurants or retailers that have the apparel, home goods and food they’re looking for.
For example, if a user sees a colorful dish online that he wants to try – but doesn’t know what’s in it, or what it’s called. He can use multiple-search to find out where he can find it. Google says it scans millions of images and reviews posted on Web pages, and from its community of Maps contributors, to find results about nearby places that Dish has to offer.
What information will Google’s multi-search ‘local’ feature support
Local information in multi-search will be available in English globally later this year, and will expand to more languages ​​over time.
Google Search gets a ‘detailed view’ with ‘visual exploration’
Another new feature that Google is bringing to search is ‘Scene Exploration’. Currently, when users search visually with Google, they are able to recognize objects captured in a single frame. But sometimes they need information about the whole scene in front of them. Google is planning to tackle this problem with its ‘Scene Exploration’ feature. “In the future, with an advancement called “scene exploration,” you’ll be able to use multisearch to pan your camera and get instant insight into multiple objects in a wider scene,” the company described the feature. has done.
‘Scene Exploration’ will help users to find information about multiple objects in a scene at the same time. For example, a user might want to choose a candy bar for his friend who is a little chocolate connoisseur. With ‘Scene Exploration’, he’ll be able to scan an entire shelf with his phone’s camera and see useful information placed in front of him. “Visual exploration is a powerful breakthrough in our tools’ ability to understand the world the way we do—so you can easily find what you’re looking for—and we look forward to bringing this to multi-discovery in the future, says the company.

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