Google: Google plans to phase out Interactive Actions for its Assistant to drive adoption of App Actions

of google interactive verbs Allows developers to build products for smart screens like the Nest Home Hub. The platform was introduced by the tech giant five years ago and now the company is planning to change that. App Actions As the company sees the latter as the right way forward in the smart assistant space. Google It plans to phase out Conversation Actions within June 2023, which is behind the Nest Home Hub’s Stories and Games feature. This feature can play games with users or even read them a story (such as a bedtime story).
According to a report by XDA Developers, Google has decided to go with App Action because the company feels it is “the best path forward for delivering the biggest ROI for developers.” Apart from this, Google has also mentioned that it has taken the decision based on the analysis and feedback from both users and developers.
Feedback from users and developers on Google’s decision
According to the report, users feel that voice-first is a great addition to the tech world, however, it is not as compelling as other familiar methods that are regularly used to interact with services and apps. .
Meanwhile, developers find it challenging to create a voice experience using Conversational Actions as a standalone product. He also said that every time he has to develop a standalone product he has to start from scratch.
How App Action is better
Google introduced App Actions in 2019, which allowed google assistant To take action from within another app. The platform allows users to ask Google Assistant to check on delivery or send money. Moreover, with it, developers don’t have to start from scratch as it provides a framework to create better voice experience using the app they already know.
The report also mentioned that Google plans to expand App Actions to other Android Factories for the developer to have assisted interactions on phones, tablets, watches, cars, etc.
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