Google: Google Play June system update improves security and more: All the details

Google have recently released a Google Play system update for Android for June. This new update includes some additional security fixes for phones and tablets running Android. google play services Powers many of the core features of Android that users need daily. In addition, the tech giant has also used play store and “Google Play system updates” to bring some of the features supported by newer versions of Android to older hardware. Google points to all the new features and enhancements users can expect from the latest google system Updated every month.
Google Play system update for June: New changes
The latest Google Play system update claims to fix bugs for account management, system management, and diagnostics-related services for Auto, Phone, Tablet, TV and Wear OS. To reduce wait times, the new update will also improve the play-as-you-download feature for the Google Play Store that will allow gamers to start playing mobile games while app downloads continue.
The update will also include new features that will help users find the apps and games they love, and will also include optimizations that will allow for faster and more reliable downloads and installations. In addition to these, the new version will also add new features to the Play Pass and Play Points programs, along with an increase in Google Play billing.
In addition, Google keeps improving Play Protect to keep your device safe and the company’s new update also adds a number of performance optimizations, bug fixes and improvements to security, stability and accessibility. The new update promises to improve system management services that enhance the performance and stability of the device. The company’s latest update also includes new developer features for both Google and third-party app developers to support ads and design features related to the services provided by their apps.
How to check new update?
Users can follow the direct link to the app’s Play Store listing and update from there (if it’s available). It is easiest for any user to check whether they need to update Google Play services on their phone or not. To update Play Store, users need to tap on their avatar available in the top right corner of the app listing service. Users will then have to tap on “Settings” where you can find the “About” section, under which you will see an option to “Update Play Store”. In addition, Google Play system can also be updated through Settings app from About phone > Android version > Google Play system update.
The company suggests that users need to install the June Google Play system update, version 30.3 or newer of the Play Store, and version 22.21 of Google Play Services, if they want to get the full benefits.
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