Google: Google shuts down this messaging feature for businesses in India

Google’s messaging RCS Or Rich Communication Services is a widely used tool for messaging across the world. For those unaware, RCS is GoogleApple’s answer to iMessage. In India, RCS users were facing a peculiar problem – being spammed by ads and promotional material by businesses. There have been reports that companies are using the platform to spam users. The ‘Verified Business’ label appearing on these messages only exacerbates the problem.
Google seems to have acknowledged the issue. In a statement to Android Authority, the tech giant said that it is pausing RCS for businesses in India. This means businesses in India will not be able to use google messages To serve ads on other promotional materials, at least for the time being..
“We are aware that some businesses are abusing our anti-spam policies to send promotional messages to users in India. We are disabling this feature in India while we are working with the industry to improve the user experience,” Google told the website.
Incidentally, this feature is available globally, and so far Google has not faced such a problem anywhere. ,
For now, Google has disabled the feature for businesses and assured that it will work with the industry to improve the experience for users. While it’s unclear at the moment how the company plans to tackle the issue, the fact that messages pass through Google’s Jib cloud platform gives it an advantage. As it may help Google to integrate smap detection and other similar features in the product itself.

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