Google Maps tests a new feature for in-app directions

Google Recently released the latest beta version of Google Maps, version 11.28. Users will get a refreshed and improved design. Over the past few months, several changes have been incorporated into Google Maps, however, a report by 9to5Google suggests that the tech giant has added another tool to the latest beta version of the app. The tool will allow users to search and toggle their preferred modes of travel.
The report also includes screenshots that show the redesigned navigation and trip options interface. According to the report, some users were able to find these UI changes on the current stable version 11.27.2 for months. This indicates that the feature is being tested on both the alpha and beta versions of the app.
Screenshots shared in the report offer a better view of the map as the route box that appears at the top of the screen floats on top of the map in the new version. The route box is no longer present in the white, full-width pane in the latest beta version of Google Maps. In addition, modal suggestions that used to appear just below the root box will now be available in a dedicated pane at the bottom of the display.
Earlier another change which was being tested since February has also been implemented in the current stable version. This change checks users to view the map while getting directions. However, the new change is related to the travel options menu that offers the preferred transport mode panel. This Preferred Mode panel will allow users to prioritize the modes of travel they want to see first on the navigation pane which includes – Driving, Walking, Biking, Transit or Renting a Vehicle. Google Assistant’s settings currently include a similar panel that will help deliver directions.
The current version of Google Maps shows users directions to the last selected travel mode by default. If the user is opening the app for the first time on a new phone, the mode will be set to Driving by default. Users who prefer public transportation to and from commuting can filter into specific modes using the “Route Options” selection from the triple-dot menu near the routing box that includes – Bus, Train, Tram and Subway .

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