Google: This is why the company behind Tinder is suing Google

Google’s Play Store policies often annoy many developers. epic games Fortnite has been in dispute with the tech giant. and now it seems match group Locking horns with Google as well. Match Group is the company behind popular dating apps like tinder And OkCupid, According to a report in The Verge, Match Group is suing Google and claims the tech giant has “monopolized the market for illegally distributing apps” Android Phone. Match believes that Google forces apps to use its own billing system and then cuts payments drastically.

Why is Match suing Google?

The Verge report cited a complaint filed by Match Group. In the complaint, Match Group states that, “Google lured app developers to its platform with the assurance that we can give users the option to pay for services of their choice. However, Match Group says that , Google rode on “coattails. One of the most popular app developers” and monopolized the market. “Google sought to ban alternative in-app payment processing services so that it could cut down on nearly every in-app transaction on Android,” notes the complaint by Match.
Match Group further said that monopolizing the in-app payments market benefits Google greatly as it has access to users’ personal information that it can use to its advantage.

What does Google have to say on this issue?

According to The Verge, a Google spokesperson said that “This is a continuation of Match Group’s self-interested campaign to avoid paying for the significant value they receive from the mobile platform on which they have built their business. Like any business, we charge fees for our services, and like any responsible platform, we protect users from fraud and abuse in apps.” Google further stated that Match Group is “only eligible to pay 15% on Google Play for a digital subscription, which is the lowest rate among the major app platforms. But even though they don’t want to comply with Google Play’s policies, Yet the openness of Android provides them with many ways to distribute your apps to Android users, through other Android app stores, directly through their own website or as a consumption app only.
Earlier in March, Google confirmed that it would begin testing a way where apps could use their own in-app payment system. What it did not clarify was whether it would still get some deduction from it.

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