Google: Updates Google Tasks with an important new feature

Google Tasks A useful tool that helps users create reminders and to-do lists, the tech giant has updated its Tasks service with a new feature that could be of great importance to its users. This new feature added in the latest update will allow users to highlight the importance of a specific task by adding a star. Users can “star” tasks they consider to be of high priority, such as Gmail Users can star important emails.
Announcing the new feature, Google said that the new update is expected to make it easier for users to prioritize their tasks and quickly navigate important tasks in their projects. The company has also mentioned that the new feature will be available for Google Tasks users on both desktop and mobile platforms. Apart from this, Google has also updated its Workspace blog to announce the new feature and mentioned that similar functionality is already present in Drive.
Google New Tasks feature availability
Google has already rolled out the new feature, however, it may take 15 days or more for all to arrive. Users who are not able to see this feature yet, they will get this feature by the end of this month.
Other similar apps with this feature
Microsoft To-Do is one such app that allows users to put a star next to a particularly important task. This feature helps users to quickly find tasks that are more important than others.
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