Honeywell: Honeywell launches first lab in Bangalore, second outside US

honeywell has announced the launch of a regulatory laboratory to test fire panels evaluated by global safety science leader UL. The facility is claimed to be the first of its kind APAC region, and second only to Honeywell outside the United States. Honeywell Technology Solutions (HTS), the company’s engineering and technology development arm, operates and manages the laboratory.
Rajiv Bhandari, HTS’ Senior Director of Building Technology Engineering, said, “Fire panels are required to comply with UL 864, the standard for control units and accessories for fire alarm systems. HTS laboratory receives UL approval for remote testing This means that UL has evaluated and qualified the Honeywell laboratory for consistent and efficient operation of the laboratory for UL to use that test data in certification projects. This helps avoid the logistics of shipping and travel. and can help reduce product cycle times from six to nine months to four months.”
To establish this laboratory, HTS’s existing electromagnetic interference/electromagnetic compatibility and environmental laboratories were calibrated to industry standards and engineers received appropriate UL training. The first product to pass UL witness testing is the ANN-80, a compact, backlit, 80-character LCD fire annuciator that mimics a Fire Alarm Control Panel (FACP) display. This was followed by Honeywell’s Fahrenheit, Morley and . There will be many fire system projects from Gamewell FCI product portfolio.

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