Inbase: Inbase launches Urban Lite X smartwatch: Price, features and more

in base Urban Lite X Smartwatch has been launched with flagship health and activity monitoring features. The smartwatch features a large display and long-lasting battery life as well as a plethora of sensors that help keep track of your health and fitness activity.

Inbase Urban Lite X price and availability

The InBase Urban Lite X will be available for Rs 2,299 on the company’s official website and leading retail stores. The company is also offering a standard 12-month warranty on the smartwatch.

Features of Urban Lite X

The Urban Lite X sports a 1.6” square display and is enclosed in a hybrid casing made using aluminum and polycarbonate. The wearable is lightweight and slim and comes with skin-friendly and sweat-resistant silicone straps with five color options – full blackCrimson Red, Silver Blue, Silver Green and Silver Pink.
The smartwatch comes with an IP68 rating, which makes it water- and dust-resistant. Urban Lite X is powered by a Realtek chipset with Bluetooth v5.0 which, according to the company, claims to provide better connectivity over long distances while providing efficient power management to ensure longer battery life. When paired with your smartphone, it helps you with notifications and calls, and can also be used to control your smartphone’s camera, volume, and more.

How is Urban Light X beneficial for health freaks?

The Urban Lite X is fitted with multiple health sensors to continuously monitor blood oxygen, blood pressure, heart rate, steps and sleep tracking. there is also one guided breathing Mode for tracking stress levels.
According to the company, the InBase Urban Lite X has a long-lasting rechargeable battery that delivers up to 15 days of wearable power on a single charge, while 60 days of standby time when not in use.

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