India’s Gambit Sports firm is eyeing to bring NFT games to the lockscreen

Lockscreen platform Glance has bought Indian gaming firm Gambit Sports as part of its plan to bring NFT gaming services to your smartphone. A consolidated subsidiary of InMobi Group and funded by Google, Glance designs lockscreens with inbuilt games. Just a month after securing the deal with Reliance Jio, Glance has finalized the acquisition deal for Bengaluru-based Gambit Sports for an undisclosed amount. The platform aims to add an NFT element to its live lockscreen game.

Established in 2015, Gambit Sports owns and operates the popular fantasy sports Gaming platform NostraGamus. The company claims that it has around 10 million registered users.

“We are already starting to see great traction for live gaming. With the combined strength of Nazar and Gambit and our belief that there is a game for everyone. Gambit Sports Co-Founder and CEO Yashasvi Takkalapally said in a statement. “We envision doubling the number of monthly active gamers on Glance Games next year,” the statement said.

Glance intends to use Gambit Sports’ gaming techniques and launch engaging live Gambling Experience including tournaments, game shows, game streaming and multiplayer games on the lockscreen, the latter of which will feature NFTs.

NFTTokens, or non-fungible tokens, are digital collectibles built on the blockchain. They can be inspired by game characters and cartoons, among other items.

NFT-based gaming is expanding relevant communities, especially among the Gen-Z population. That’s what the target group Glance aims to capture.

“Gen-Z spends more time on gaming than any other activity online. Providing users with a live, connected, interactive gaming experience on the lockscreen is key to Glance’s vision of building the world’s largest live Internet platform,” said Piyush Shah, co-founder said. Chairman and COO of InMobi Group and Nazar.

lockscreen-maker plans to add earner to play Facilitate its NFT-based games to engage more gamers to use its services.

“We aim to launch creator-led NFTs for live gaming that will create unparalleled play-to-earn and play-to-own possibilities for the entire gaming ecosystem,” Shah said.

After raising $200 million (about Rs 1,523 crore) in funding from Jio, Glance will integrate its lockscreen with it. jio handset in the coming months.

a DappRadar Report recently stated that 804,000 unique active players were connected to the blockchain-based game in July 2021.

The blockchain gaming industry grew by 765% in 2021, a Forbes report Claimed in January this year.

Earlier this week, PUBG developer crafton Inked a deal with Solana Labs, sparking rumors about possible plans to add crypto and NFT elements to its game.

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