Instagram gets new messaging feature: Users can now send silent messages, share music previews

Instagram is bringing many new features to improve the messaging experience of users. The photo and video sharing platform has added the ability to reply to messages while browsing, and introduced the option to send messages silently. Instagram has also integrated with the music streaming platform so users can share 30-second long song previews in chat. In addition, you can quickly re-share the post to friends by tapping and holding the share button. With the latest update, Instagram will show the contacts that are available online at the top of the inbox. There are also new features for customization along with the option to make choices in group chats.

meta Announced the addition of new messaging features on Thursday instagram through blog post, With the latest update, Instagram users can reply to messages without having to navigate the inbox while browsing through the feed. It’s also adding a new quick send option that allows users to quickly reshare posts to friends with just a long tap on the share button. In addition, Instagram has added new online indicators to the DM (Direct Message) panel to display which of your contacts are currently online.

Instagram is adding new features to customize messaging threads as well. These include new chat themes, silent messages, and polls in group chats. Social media platforms have joined hands Apple Music And Amazon Music allows users to share 30-second long song previews in chat. The receiver can listen to the audio directly from the chat window. This feature will soon get support for SpotifyMeta said.

silent message functionality, which was announced recently on facebook Messenger, now also available on Instagram. This will allow you to send messages without notifying other recipients. In addition, there is a new ‘lo-fi’ chat theme as well. In addition, Instagram has added support for creating polls directly in group chats.

Currently, Instagram is rolling out most of the new features to “select countries,” but they are expected to reach a global audience later.

The new developments are part of Instagram’s ongoing efforts to enhance user communication on the platform. In December last year, the head of Instagram, Adam Moseryk, announced That the company will focus on messaging and double down controls to improve transparency, listing the company’s common goals for 2022.

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