Instagram: How this bug is affecting the Instagram Stories feature

instagram Users have reported that a new bug is affecting their experience on the image sharing platform. According to a report in The Verge, this new bug is showing users to the Instagram app. stories that they have already seen. Several Instagram users have complained that the Meta-owned platform is forcing users to continually revisit old Stories that they have previously viewed.
Without the bug, stories that users have already opened should go to the end of the list in the Instagram app. Also, if an account user adds a new story, users should see the latest posts.
Why is Instagram not working properly for some users?
The exact reason why Instagram app users can’t remember the viewed stories is still unknown. The app is currently showing the same story to some users whenever someone shares new content. As per the report, a possible bug is forcing the app to behave as such, however, the company is yet to acknowledge the issue.
Furthermore, it is not clear how many users have been affected by the bug or whether every Instagram user is experiencing the same issue with the Stories feature. Some users have also reported this issue on Twitter. Instagram hasn’t addressed the issue yet, but hopefully it will be resolved with an update.
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