iOS 15.4 Battery Drain Problem: Here’s What Apple Has to Say

iOS 15.4 is a feature-packed update that comes with the ability to unlock the iPhone with Mask On, Live Text integration, and more. However, a few days after its rollout, many iPhone users have started complaining about quick battery drain on their devices after installing the update. Many people complained about this on the microblogging platform Twitter.
Now, Apple responded to one of those tweets, saying that it’s normal for apps and features to adjust to updates. “Thanks for taking the search! We’ll be happy to help. It’s normal for your apps and features to need to adjust up to 48 hours after an update. Do you contact us by DM, if after that time? If this issue persists, we can help you look into it further”, wrote apple support Twitter handle in response to one of the users complaining about rapid battery drain.
Apple has also shared a link to the battery support page titled “Maximizing Battery Life and Life” in case a user wants to see more help on the battery front. This page lists tips like dimming the screen or turning on auto-brightness to extend battery life on iPhone. Users can also enable Low Power Mode to control the battery usage on the device.
It is to be noted that not all iPhone users were facing battery issues after updating to iOS 15.4. Also, the effect varies from device to device. According to online reports, the iPhone 13 Pro Max lasted only half a day, while the older iPhone 11 dropped 80 percent battery charge in 24 hours with a two-screen screen.
iOS 15.4 brings the ability to unlock the iPhone while wearing a mask, as mentioned above. iPhone 12 and above models are currently supported. It comes with over 100 new emoji from the Emoji 14.0 set, a new voice for Siri, improvements to Safari web page translation, and more.

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