iPad users: iPad users won’t be getting the Instagram app anytime soon, here’s why

a dedicated app of instagram not coming to apple ipad anytime soon. While photo and video-sharing app Iapp is quite popular Android And iOS, it’s not there yet iPadOSand according to instagram head Adam Mosseria dedicated instagram app Not viable for iPad as there are not enough users on iPadOS.
Mosseri mentioned this reason in response to a tweet. YouTuber Marques Brownlee complained about the lack of a dedicated Instagram app for the iPad. In his own words: “Yeah, we get it a lot. It’s still not enough to prioritize a large group of people. Hoping to get it at some point, but right now we’re pretty down on other things.” ”
When Brownlee responded with another tweet that the presence of a dedicated app could help bring in more users, Mosseri explained the company’s decision in more detail. In a follow-up tweet, he gave more reasons why the company is not willing to go for a dedicated Insta app for the iPad. According to Mosseri:
“1/ Each surface adds overhead; we support iOS, Android, www and IG Lite, and Android is the biggest
2/ TikTok and YouTube are behemoths, people share more in Messages than in Stories or Feed, so we need to optimize
3/ We are leaner than you think”

Ergo, for now, a dedicated Instagram app for the iPad doesn’t seem likely. For the time being you have to be glued to your phone.

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