iPhones may finally get this Android feature with iOS 16

A Display Feature That’s Quite Common Android The phones – premium and mid-range – have always-on functionality. And this feature has been around for a while. Although, Apple Always-on display feature is not included for iphone, There were rumors of getting the feature in the iPhone 13 series but in reality it did not happen. Now, it is being suggested that with iOS 16, Apple will roll out the Always-On Display feature.
According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, WWDC 2022 – Starting June 6 – Apple will demonstrate the feature with iOS 16. In his weekly newsletter, Gurman said, “I’m told that iOS 16 builds in future support for the always-on lock screen, something Apple was originally planning for last year’s iPhone 13.” Support is the keyword here as it is unclear whether it will come with the iPhone 14 series or whether Apple will give the functionality to older iPhones as well. It is likely that Apple will add the always-on feature for the iPhone 14 Pro series to the vanilla iPhone 14 and Pro ones. as an important difference between .
Gurman also explained how this feature might work. The Always-On Display, according to Gurman, “will allow the iPhone to significantly reduce the frame rate on the lock screen and quickly display viewable information, similar to the new Apple Watches.”
Apple introduced the Always On Display feature to Apple Watches with the Watch Series 5. Later models also had this feature.
WWDC 2022 will take place between June 6-11 and Apple will showcase new features coming to its major OS platforms such as iOS, iPadOS, macOS and watchOS. Rumors suggest that there may be a hardware announcement, which is likely to be redesigned Macbook Air,

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